About Villa Lövö

Villa Lövö is a creation of several professionals. Our main target is to provide something exclusive and premium for anyone who appreciates the surroundings of the Baltic sea and the beautiful Finnish summer. We strive to combine the absolute best things to be able to give you an unforgettable experience.

Villa Lövö is the perfect summer weekend getaway with the possibility to pop in to the city centre for a cocktail or two. Your host will be available 24/7 during your stay for magnificent plans like this. Your host will also help you with everything regarding saunas, hot tubs or water sports.

Villa Lövö can host up to 15 people in the villa and we also have the possibility to have a 60 foot yacht by the dock for additional sleeping capacity. This will cater for the best summer days with all of your best friends.



Villa Lövö is located on the island of Iso Lehtisaari in the Helsinki archipelago. We will help you get to and from the island when you stay with us. Our packages always include transportation by boat from a desired location or the Helsinki city center.

We can also offer helicopter transfers from your location or directly from the airside at Helsinki-Vantaa international airport.


Villa Lövö and our team is dedicated to organize the best experience possible for all our guests. To do this we need to have the best services available. The packages always include boat transport from the mainland and back. Our host will stay on the island and is available 24/7 to help you with anything you need, e.g. boat rides, heating of sauna or heating of hot tub.

As additional services we can provide a wide range of amenities. Professional chefs, drink or food deliveries, helicopter transfers, day cruises on a Delta 54 yacht or Riva Iseo, VIP-hosts, bar tenders or maybe performers such as artists or DJ’s?